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Configuration Analyser for Microsoft 365

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Do you use Microsoft 365 for email, but aren't sure how to get the basic security controls sorted?

Microsoft have you covered now with the Configuration Analyzer and it's simple to use!

Login to the Security portal > Email & Collaboration > Policies & Rules > Threat Policies > Configuration Analyzer.

You're presented with 3 menu options "Standard Recommendations", Strict Recommendations" and Configuration Drift Analysis and History".

Unless you have specific requirements for strict security controls, it's worth trying out the standard recommendations first to see how you get on.

Depending on what you're licenced for will depend on what policy types you see e.g. Anti-spam, Anti-phishing, Anti-malware etc. The recommendations themselves are really self explanatory, showing the proposed configuration along with the current setting (see screenshot below).

To implement one of the recommendations, simply tick the desired option and then click "Apply Recommendation".

You'll be prompted with a confirmation box just to ensure you really do want to implement the updated policy. Click Ok and you're good to go.

To implement additional recommendations, simply repeat the above steps, but try to avoid making too many changes at once;)

That's it! Good luck :)

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