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How to install the new Microsoft Teams Client

Microsoft have just released a brand new Teams client in public preview with a multitude of enhancements ranging from;

- Improved performance

- The ability to sign in with multiple accounts

- Enhanced security

and more!!

For those wanting to try out the new version, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Logon to the Teams Admin portal (, go to 'Teams update policies' and either create a new policy or edit the existing default policy.

Modify the 'Allow public preview' setting and change it to 'Enabled'. Then under 'Use new Teams client', change the setting to 'Users can choose'. Click Apply.

Launch the Teams client and you should see a new toggle button in the top left hand corner. If not, close the app, wait a few minutes and relaunch again.

Follow the prompts and click to relaunch the new version. Enjoy!

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